Alight motion video editing 26 January republic day toutorial 


Alight Motion Video Editing has been in the business of providing high-quality video editing since 2009. In that time, our team has worked on hundreds of projects with clients all over the world. We
 pride ourselves on creating videos that work hard for you, while also showing off your product or brand in a way that will help it stand out from your competition.
Section: Alight Motion Video Editing is an award winning video editing company based out of Canada. We offer full service and specialize in motion graphics, spotlights and corporate videos.

Section: Our creative team can create any type of video project including but not limited to corporate presentations, eLearning courses, training videos and more! Whether you need something simple like background music or complete animations for your logo we have everything needed for your project!


This is the intro section. The intro should be about the topic of your article. It does not need to be about you, but it does need to be interesting for readers and make them want to read more about what you have written.
In this blog post I will explain how Alight Motion Video Editing can help you with your video editing needs

video Link

The video link is a great way to engage your audience. You can create a short video and make it look like it was shot in-studio, but you’re not limited by the equipment available to you. You can use your phone or laptop, whatever works best for you!
The key here is making sure that everything looks good before publishing the video. It doesn’t have to be polished or edited perfectly—you just need something that’s easy on the eyes and easy on the ears (and maybe easy too).

Export video link

Now, you can share the video on social media. On your social platform of choice, click on the share button and choose the video you want to share. For example, if you are sharing it on Facebook or Twitter, then select “Share Video” from your Timeline or Posting page (depending on which platform).
Once clicked, copy the URL of your shared post and paste it into any chat app (WhatsApp etc.).

Music link

The music used in this video is “The Last Man Standing” by F.G. Noise
The song was licensed from the Free Music Archive, an organization that promotes free culture and access to public domain works without restrictions.

Alight motion video editing 26 January republic day toutorial

Alight motion video editing 26 January republic day toutorial
Alight is the best video editing software in India. It can be used to edit your videos and make them look professional. The app has a lot of features that help you create high quality videos easily, like trimming, cropping and adding titles or texts on top of your images in just a few clicks. This application also allows you to create beautiful animated GIFs which are perfect for sharing on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook!


So, do you want to become a professional video editor?
 I have compiled some of the best tools and resources available online so all aspiring filmmakers can learn how to use them, get started in their own projects or just maintain a workflow they already know!

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