How to make boys attitude status editing alight motion


Boys attitude status Editing is one of the most essential things to do if you want your boy to be on his best behavior. If he’s not being cooperative and doing what’s asked, it can be very frustrating for parents and teachers alike. However, there are ways that you can get through this transition period without getting angry or frustrated with your child. In this article we’ll talk about how to make boys attitude status editing alight motion

Boys attitude status Editing step by step.

You can easily make the background of boys attitude status by following these steps:

  • Open the image editor application on your device and open the image which you want to edit.

  • Then draw a rectangle above the boy’s face in order to make him look taller than before.

  • Now find “Edit” option in menu bar at bottom left corner of screen and click on it. You will get some options like cut, copy & paste etc., choose “Cut” from them all then select any area inside that rectangle with mouse pointer and press Ctrl + X keys together (for Windows) or Command + X keys together (for Mac). This will remove everything outside this selected area from picture so now only thing left inside is just boy’s face but without background because we have removed all other parts including original background as well!  

Boys attitude status Editing

  • Download the app and install it on your android or ios devices.

  • Open the app, then click on the camera icon at top right corner of your screen to open camera mode and select image from gallery by clicking on ‘select image’, after selecting image you want to edit, click on ‘edit’ button which is located below camera icon at bottom left corner of your screen (1).

  • Now you will see three options in front of you: add text(2), change background color(3) and apply filter(4), so firstly select ‘add text’ option then type any sentence related with boy’s attitude status like “I don’t care what anyone says about me”, “I am unstoppable”, “No one can stop me” etc., finally press save button located at bottom right corner of editor window(5).


We hope you enjoyed this article on boys attitude status Editing. We tried to cover all the basics of this topic and make it easy for you to understand.

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