how to make whatsapp home screen change without password


Whether you use Whatsapp or not, you will be familiar with the home screen. It’s a convenient place for all your favourite apps and contacts. The problem is that many people don’t know how to change their Whatsapp home screen without password. If that’s not enough bad news for you then this guide will show you exactly how it can be done!

Make sure your phone is rooted

Before you can make your phone run any apps, you’ll need to root it. A rooted phone is one where the operating system has been altered so that it allows access to different parts of the system. This means that apps that don’t have permission to access certain functions will be able to do so on a rooted phone. For example, if WhatsApp does not have permission for location sharing and sends an error message when trying to share this information with another user (as this feature is not available in non-rooted versions), then with root access users will still be able to share their location with each other even though WhatsApp won’t work properly

Open the WhatsApp application

  • Open the WhatsApp application

  • Tap on “Menu”

  • Select “Settings”

Tap on the Profile Icon

Tap on the Profile Icon

You can find this button at the top of your screen. It will look like a person’s head and shoulders, with an arrow pointing down. Tap on it to open a drop-down menu where you can select which profile to use for Home Screen changes.

Click on “Menu” and then on “Settings”

To change the home screen behavior of your WhatsApp account, tap on “Settings” and then on “General.”

From here you can tap on Change Home Screen Behavior. This will open up a menu with options for changing one or all of your profile pictures.

Select “General” and then “Change Home screen behavior” from the sidebar on the left

  • Select “General” and then “Change Home screen behavior” from the sidebar on the left.

  • To change your WhatsApp’s home screen, select from this list:

  • On Android, you can also change your WhatsApp’s home screen by selecting Settings > Home Screen from any page in the app.

Slow down and read what options are there ! Here you can change: Show home button, Hide Home Button, as well as toggle automatic login/logout for all accounts.

  • Show Home Button: If you have a notification bar, this option will hide it.

  • Hide Home Button: This will make your current home screen wallpaper the default wallpaper for Whatsapp on all devices that support it and doesn’t require any extra steps. It can be changed later if necessary by moving to another application or using another app that supports changing wallpapers in apps like WhatsApp (which includes Hangouts). This option should not be used with automatic login/logout enabled as it could lead to issues with security features working properly when logging into different accounts within one device (for example, if you were using two accounts on one phone).

If you want to disable password and make your Whatsapp home screen change without password follow these steps

  • Make sure your phone is rooted

  • Open the WhatsApp application

  • Tap on the Profile Icon at the top right of your screen and then tap on “Menu” (the three horizontal lines)

  • Click on “Settings” in order to access Settings and then select General from this menu that appears on your screen, as shown below:


If you are looking for a feature that will allow you to change your Whatsapp home screen without password, then this feature is for you. This will keep your phone safe from unwanted intruders who want to enter your device settings and steal information such as WhatsApp messages or contacts.

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