how to make youtube channel and earn money without showing face


You’ve probably heard about the power of Youtube. It’s a great place to make money and learn about other people’s businesses, but it can also be hard to break into. Fortunately, I’ve made it my mission to help new entrepreneurs get started on their channel so they can start earning money right away–without breaking any of their existing relationships with friends or family!

Make a name for yourself.

Making a name for yourself is the first step to making money on YouTube. You need to be yourself, but you also need to be honest and funny. If people like what they see, they will share it with their friends.

Be confident in your work and show that by being friendly with everyone who watches your videos. Be patient when doing interviews or answering questions from viewers because it takes time for people to understand what you do or say in the video itself (or even before).

Be kind towards others; don’t abuse them just because they watched one of your videos before! It would hurt both parties if someone did this so remember kindness goes both ways when dealing with others online as well as offline 🙂

Find a niche.

When you’re looking for a niche, it’s important to find one that is relevant to your audience. For example, if you have a channel about cats and dogs, then it may be better to find an animal-related topic rather than something like politics or sports.

When choosing a niche, also consider whether or not there are other people in the same field as yourself who would benefit from what you have to offer as well. If there isn’t anyone else doing what you do already (or at least trying), then maybe this isn’t such an amazing idea after all!

Connect with people.

Connect with other people.

When you’re trying to make a YouTube channel, one of the most important things is to get yourself connected with other people and businesses. You can do this by making friends on social media and building connections with others in your field. Find out who’s making money online (make sure they are real people), follow them on social media, connect with them through private messages or comments, etc., until you feel like you know them well enough that they’ll trust you enough to help promote their work or products if needed!

Avoid things that could hurt your channel’s reputation.

Avoid things that could hurt your channel’s reputation.

  • Avoid using profanity or vulgar language in your videos.

  • Avoid inappropriate content, such as drugs or alcohol, when making videos about them. That includes mentioning them directly in a video or on the channel page itself (for example: “I’m going to buy some weed”). You should also avoid showing any illegal substances at all if you’re trying to push the envelope and make something edgy—that’s why we recommend sticking with stuff like cigarettes instead of cocaine packets!

Engage with your fans by giving them something to talk about or commenting on their videos.

You can use this to your advantage by engaging with your fans.

Ask them questions, give them shout-outs, or even link to something that you think they’d enjoy watching. If they like what you have to say and want more of it, tell them!

If they ask where the best place is to watch your videos is—you should point them towards YouTube (or wherever else). If someone asks how much money do I make from my channel? Say something like: “well we don’t know exactly because people don’t pay us directly.” It’s always better not knowing too much about something than when someone asks about how much money does one make from their channel so just be honest about it 🙂

Youtube is a great place to make money, but you have to create content that will generate business for you, not just watch video’s about you making money.

YouTube is a great place to make money, but you have to create content that will generate business for you, not just watch video’s about you making money.

You need to be active on the channel and interact with your fans. If people like what they see or hear from you then they will subscribe or follow you. This means more views and subscribers = more money!


Now that we’ve covered all of the essentials, it’s time for you to dive into your own channel and start making money! Remember—you can never get enough practice. So don’t stop until you have everything down pat. In fact, if you find yourself stuck on a specific topic or skill, try running through another strategy before moving forward so your creative side has time to develop new ideas.

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