Viral Video: Girl Dances On Street To Sushmita Sen’s Song Dilbar, Auto Wala Joins Her. Watch

Viral Video Today: In the age of social media, it’s not uncommon to see budding influencers making dance reels or doing photoshoots on the streets in India. A video is going viral where a woman can be seen dancing to Sushmita Sen’s Dilbar, a song that is again in trend thanks to the recreated version featuring Nora Fatehi.

The clip was shared a day ago on Twitter with the following caption: “Acha hai aajkal roadside logon ko company mil jaati hai.” The video has received over 261k views and 6,300 likes. The girl was wearing a crop top and jeans and could be seen performing her choreography in the middle of a road in some market. Interestingly, an auto rickshaw driver can be seen grooving to the same song behind the woman and copying her steps.

It seemed like the auto wala either wanted to be included in the dance video too or was just making fun of the girl. A few people could also seen stopping and looking at the girl dancing to Dilbar while she probably had no idea that an auto wala was dancing behind her and mocking her in a sense. Netizens found the video hilarious and entertaining, pointing out that even a little kid and her mom stopped to witness this rare sight.

A user commented, “This is so funny….even that lady & kid pair in the background look so cute watching this in almost disbelief.” Another user wrote, “Kya aisa khule market mei karne se dhaniya free mei milta hai.” A third user wrote, “Hahha. I would have died of laughing if I was there in real.”

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