New trending video editing with alight motion


Video editing is a really fun and creative process. You can add text, images and music to create your own highlight reel or create a custom video using footage from your phone or computer.

Add text

Text is a popular way to add a personal touch to your videos, and it’s one of the easiest ways to make an impact. You can use the text tool in Motion 5 for both titles and subtitles (the small box that shows up at the bottom of your video).
•To add text from the Text Toolbar:
•Select “Text” from this dropdown menu. The cursor becomes an empty box with handles on either side, which you can drag around as needed while editing text onto your footage.

•Type in what you want to say and then click anywhere outside of this box when finished; once all desired positioning adjustments have been made, press Return/Enter on your keyboard (or return through step 1)

Make a logo

•Make a logo
To make a logo, you can use the logo template that we’ve provided. Then, add text to it and add sound effects. You’ll also want to work with footage and images in your video reel by using the Split Tool. This will allow you to cut away some of your footage so that there’s room for background music on the screen while still keeping everything together in one place (like an intro).

•Add background music: You can choose from any song on Spotify or iTunes!

Make custom backgrounds

•Create a new project
•Add a background image to it
•Add a background video to it
•Adjust the position and size of the background (optional)

•Adjust the opacity of the background (optional)

Add sound effects

Sound effects can be used to add a sense of realism to your project. You can import sound effects from the library, or you can create new ones using the alight motion editor interface.

To import a sound effect:

•Navigate to File > Import Audio > Audio Files.
•Select the file you want to import and click Open.(If your browser doesn’t show this button, try changing its size by dragging it up or down.) This will bring up an audio file selection window where you can choose which audio file(s) should be included in your project.(If there are multiple files that match what’s being played on screen right now but not all of them have been selected yet, press Ctrl+A (PC) Cmd+A (Mac) )

Work with footage and images

Alight Motion is a motion graphic software that can be used for professional editing. This tool allows you to work with footage and images, add text to footage and make custom backgrounds.

You can also add sound effects and music to your project by using the built-in audio mixer.

Cut footage, audio, and images to make a highlight reel using the split tool

The split tool is a new feature that allows you to cut footage, audio, and images together. It’s useful for creating highlight reels like the ones we saw in our previous video tutorials.

To use this feature:

•Select your clip and drag it into an empty space on the timeline below it (the same space where you added a title or other text). This will create two clips of equal length that overlap each other by default; if necessary, adjust their positions with handles at the bottom left corner of each clip using mouse drag or keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+T/Cmd+T (to move) or Ctrl-Shift-+/-(to resize). The topmost one should be invisible but still visible when selecting another item; select this item so we can see what’s underneath—it’s called “Overlay” because it sits over whatever else is on top!

Add background music to a project.

•Choose a song from the music library.
•Add the song to your project and adjust its volume, fade in and out.

Video editing is easy with Alight Motion.

Video editing is a fun and creative process. You can use Alight Motion to make a video for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays to parties. It’s easy-to-use even for beginners.

You can add text, music and effects in your videos using the built-in text editor or using third party plugins if you have them on your computer (for example Fotor).


Alight Motion is your new go-to tool for all of your video editing needs. It has everything you need to create beautiful videos in just a few clicks! We hope that we’ve helped you understand how easy it is to use Alight Motion so that you can start making your own amazing projects today.

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