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Editing is the process of selecting and combining video clips, sound effects, music, and other audio-visual components to create a finished program. It’s also called post-production.

The term “editing” can be used broadly to refer either to the editing of material before it is presented (as in the case of film editing) or adding something after its creation (as in the case of making a movie trailer).

Alight Motion’s user interface is surprisingly easy to use.

Alight Motion is a popular app for creating 3D animations. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features, but its user interface is surprisingly intuitive.

Alight Motion has an attractive interface that makes it easy for people who aren’t familiar with editing software to get started quickly. The app comes with a tutorial that walks you through the basics of using Alight Motion’s tools, including how to import footage from your computer or camera and how much time you have before your scene needs to be exported (if any). The interface is well designed: every button on every toolbar has its own function in menus where they can be accessed by clicking them once or twice as needed; this makes it easy even if there are hundreds of options available right inside the program itself!

Get the right design

Choose a video template. Your choice of template will determine the look and layout of your final video. We have several options, including a “classic” movie trailer with text and stickers, or one that’s more animated and fun with music, sound effects, and even some mouth movement!

Customize the design elements you want to include in each scene by copying them from other scenes (for example: if you want to add text or stickers) or changing their appearance (for example: if you want everything else about this scene to be different).

Add music tracks to make your movie feel more cinematic—or just use silence as part of its atmosphere!

The app has a whole range of animation tools in addition to filters.

The app has a whole range of animation tools in addition to filters. These include motion blur, rotation, transformation and scale.

Motion blur is the ability to add a slow-moving effect over an image or video clip so that it appears as if it was moving at a slower speed than normal. For example, if you’ve ever seen someone skateboarding down an alleyway—the person would appear like they were going very fast but really weren’t because the camera was moving too fast with them! This effect can be used for creating fake slow motion footage or adding depth into your shots


Text tools are good

Text tools are good for adding text to your videos. You can change the font, size and color of your text on the fly. You can also position it in any way you want (rotate or translate). If you want to make it disappear when a particular part of your video plays out, then just hide them by clicking on their layer mask icon located at the bottom right corner of each text layer.

The opacity slider lets you control how much light gets through while editing – this makes it easy for users who have vision problems like myself!


I love what they’ve done with stickers

I love what they’ve done with stickers. They’ve added so much personality to their videos, and it’s easy for anyone to do the same thing!

There are two main ways you can use stickers in your video: text, which is just like adding any other tool in the editor; and images. Images are great because they allow you to add images of people (or animals), places or things. For example, if there was a character that made an appearance in one of your movies and they weren’t animated or had special effects applied to them (like fire or water), then having an image of them would be great!

Alight Motion has all you need to create great videos.

Alight Motion is a great app for creating and editing videos. It’s easy to use, and it has all the tools you need to create your own videos. You can use Alight Motion for social media, YouTube or any other platform that requires video content. If you have a smartphone, then I would definitely recommend this app!


Alight is a great tool for movie scene editing. It’s fast and easy to use, and it has a lot of great features that make it even better. I think it’s going to be perfect for people who want something with just as much power as Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro but without all the hassle!

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